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Streamtip Shutting Down on May 25, 2018


Starting today, April 25, 2018, NightDev’s Streamtip and visual alert tools (Tip Alert, Subscriber Alert, Follower Alert, Host Alert) are considered deprecated and will be shut down on May 25, 2018.

I think everyone saw this coming, but Streamtip has been on a decline in usage for awhile. We went free and discontinued work on the site in late 2015 due to many reasons (not meeting the market demands, the market going places I wasn’t happy with, and too much competition in the space [including from first party platforms like Twitch and YouTube]), and have kept it running in this state now for over 2 years.

Usage of the service has dwindled enough for me to be comfortable letting it die guilt-free (I don’t use it myself any longer), and platform abuse has also become an issue as of late (people misusing the platform for nefarious purposes in mind).

Thanks to everyone who used StreamDonations and then Streamtip early on. We were among the first to really influence the space and set the bar for everyone else in this “market,” and it’s crazy to me where this went. All things must come to an end someday, however.

All other projects, like BetterTTV and Nightbot, will continue to be updated and supported moving forward. This is just our departure from the tipping/alerts market.

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