StreamTip Not Alerting/Showing Latest Tips

Started happening late in the evening on 9/28. Nightdev alert would not go off, nor would the dashboard/tip page show the latest tips. I can confirm they were coming through on the paypal end. Five hours later with no result.

Any suggestions?

Same thing happened to me! Had a very annoyed follower who didn’t get the expected recognition for his donation!
He sent me a private message about it which I saw later that night.
The payment went through with paypal, but doesnt show at all in my streamtip account.

Ok for me the donations are not going through to my Paypal. This is a very serious issue. Can we please get an update ASAP on what’s going on? People are donating me money, getting replies it’s being sent, but then I don’t see anything on my paypal. WHERE IS THIS MONEY GOING?

Streamtip has been suffering from DDoS attacks throughout the night. Our provider has seemed to mistakenly filter out PayPal’s IPs, preventing them from connecting. Transactions are now coming through, but there’s a large backlog at the moment. Over the course of the next few hours these transactions should slowly get logged.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

I would also like to state that money sent via Streamtip goes directly to the email address you listed in your account settings. There’s no “pass through” for money sent. It’s direct from the sender to you. We get notified the status of transactions and any future events concerning transactions.

Do we know when this is going to be back up and running?

Right now it’s up to PayPal to resolve the issues. The filtering of their IPs was stopped around 5 hours ago, and there’s thousands of transactions stacked up in a queue. Of the transactions retrying notifications, none are successfully being received by the server. Some internal issue over at PayPal seems to be causing the IPN request to fail on their end (we’re seeing HTTP code 499, “client closed connection prematurely”).

Messages from Tips make during downtime are lost forever or we wil appear later ?

Streamtip should be operating normally again. Anything that was queued has now processed.

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