Streamtip not able to log in with Twitch

Heya! Yesterday I linked my Twitch together with Streamtip. Now i’m trying to log in again but without luck. I get to the log in page, where I click the Twitch log in and gets redirected to Twitch, where I put my info in and clicks “Authorize” however once I click I get reloaded back to the log in page and i’m not logged in. There’s no error or anything. Help? I’ve tried clearing browser history with cache and so but it didn’t work

The twitch api is currently having issues. This is occurring across all things that use the twitch api to login so until twitch fixes it you will be unable to login. Apologies for the inconvenience but be sure to follow the nightdev twitter and twitchsupport twitter to see when stuff like this happens or gets fixed.

Ahhh thought it would be something like that. Nice to know tho. Thanks for the headsup :slight_smile:

Their issues should be resolved at this time:

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