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StreamTip Login Credentials Not Working


I opened my streamtip and it tells me that my credentials aren’t right and that I need to configure them. I did that and my configurations have not changed. I cannot get it to work. It has never done this to me in the past.

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Do the following:

  1. Uninstall the Streamtip Alerter from the “Uninstall a Program” section of the Windows Control Panel. If you see multiple Streamtip Alerter entries, uninstall all of them.
  2. Download and install the latest build of the alerter:


This has been happening to me too. Re-installing the alerter didn’t work, there’s still an issue logging in.


I disagree, as the server logs showed you switching from the old version of the alerter to the new version, which fixes the issue.


I have done this step and reset the access token,but the program is still telling I have a bad login.What should I do now?I would prefer to use StreamTip Alerter instead of what is offered else where.


Server logs showed you were manually typing in the access token and had an incorrect character. Try copy/pasting it instead.


The program wouldn’t allow me to copy and paste it in.I’ll retry again when I return home after work.


You might not be able to right click inside of the program, but you should be able to ctrl+c (to copy) and ctrl+v (to paste).


The problem that i am having, is when i try and open the StreamTip it just says ‘loading’


Without logs there is no way to know why it doesn’t load for you…

Please follow the instructions in this post: Debugging the Streamtip Alerter (not the visual alerter)


i cannot copy and paste my info either way. suggestions?


I am having a problem as well. i have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. but every time i type in my info and i close it out it doesn’t save. when i re open the program the info is gone and i have to re enter it.


It doesn’t save your credentials until they are correct (the boxes turn green). If the boxes turn red, what you’ve typed is not correct.


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