Streamtip leaderboard command

I felt like this should / might already exist, but I just couldn’t find it.
Is it possible to display the Streamtip leaderboard with a nightbot command somehow? That would be really nice / helpful and promote donations via the stream! Thanks.

At the moment there is no way to display Streamtip leaderboard data from Nightbot. If there’s enough support for adding this it can be something we consider, but right now it’s not on our immediate roadmap.

Hmm right, yeah I’m wondering how hard it would be to implement seeing the info is there already.

A donation-goal command would be sick as well.

Basically, with me running a 24/7 YouTube livestream, I’d want to have a donation goal that every time we get to $50 I would go buy new music to add to the stream or something similar. But I have tons of ideas, it’s more of a matter of how easy something would be to implement and if more people would find it useful.

Anwyay, thanks for the always swift feedback and help, it’s appreciated.

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