StreamTip is down? The links to my donation page dont work.. no one can donate. whats up?

I am live right now, like every day, and no one can donate to my channel. This has just come up today, any idea what is going on? This is the image people get when trying to click my link…

any help on how to fix this? Same image comes up when they click the donation link in my chat or in my homepage.

thanks guys!

Hey your not alone i am having the same issue it was working for my 8-10 hour stream but about a hour to two hours after it started giving me a bad gateway error. Oddly enough sometimes it will load the page but say’s i do not have java active for my browser i checked on the java website which say’s that java is working fine not sure what’s going on but some help or advice would be great thanks.


yeah its not us man, something going on with the site. I have had this working for a good few weeks now. So it randomly going down has nothing to do with us, surely.

Night, you here to sort it out brotha. Got tons of people in my chat waiting to donate :slight_smile:

I have asked around twitch some of the bigger streamers are saying that there donations are broken also.

there is a current issue going on and the Dev team is looking into it. Best thing to do is sit tight for the time being while they sort it out guys.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

cheers for the heads up, appreciate keeping us updated <3

I’m just throwing this out there. I know it’s not ideal, but if you’re live right now and people want to give you money you CAN accept donations via All the donator needs is your email. None of your personal info is shared, and none of theirs is. It doesn’t alert you or show on your screen like StreamTip does, but since you’re on now it’s an option. I’ve used it before in a pinch and it’s nice. You can have the money sent right to your paypal, too. :slight_smile: I mean, it’s an idea rather than linking your paypal (they get your full name if you do that).

Edit: If it’s considered out of line to share this please delete. I don’t mean in any way that it’s a good idea to use this instead. It’s just because StreamTip is down. :slight_smile: StreamTip has lower transaction fees any way.

well it was working for a few minutes, but it is now down again. hope it gets sorted soon guys…

More information is here: Downtime 7/25/2014

Just updated to version 0.1.0 Resent test donations are still not being sent Through to Streamtip alerter. I re did all the sources on the streamtip folder in my documents… but none of the donations that I resent are showing up. The Visual Donations are working just fine.

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