Streamtip Down Currently

Streamtip is currently down for me. Me nor my followers can get to my donation page and I cannot currently access the site in any capacity. The website is not accessible when using Chrome or Firefox. Thanks in advance for any support!

Same here! Any news? Ppl want to donate and stuff and its not working!!! I dont like that!

This is due to an unforeseen server issue. It will be back as soon as possible. No ETA.

There’s not a server issue, but rather an incoming attack on our server.

And do you think it will be online soon or later like tomorrow or something like that? Should i switch donations for this day on another page? Thank you for understanding

If you flush your DNS cache I’ve migrated to a secondary IP that will allow you to access the site again.

access to me, but my fans want to donate and they cannot go on the streamtip too… so everybody needs to change ip? or , its impossible for all ppl

its working now, i think

cash are on paypal but i cant see them on streamtip + i didint see alert on twitch

Restart your alerter. If the transaction doesn’t show on the Streamtip website, it’s because it’s not been sent to Streamtip yet by PayPal. When Streamtip is down transactions queue on PayPal’s server. As of right now, there’s still 6 transaction notifications in retrying state.