Streamtip Beta - What am I Supposed to do?

Ok, so I’d been using Streamdonations for a while and when I went to the site I saw that they had a beta for a new donation program, and because I loved Streamdonations so much I opted for the beta. I’m sorry, but that was seemingly a huge mistake. I have no idea what I’m doing, there are no instructions anywhere, unless I’m blind.

I downloaded the Streamtip Alerter which doesn’t play the sound I set. Also there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the donations to pop up on OBS as easily as Streamdonations was. What am I meant to do? I upgraded assuming it would be just as easy and also hoping for the feature to have the popup include the donator’s message. Now that I can’t go back to the old Streamdonations, I’m stuck with this Streamtip thing that I have no idea how to function.

Has anyone successfully used this? If so how can I set it up and have a popup again? I do NOT want to switch from NightDev as I use their other projects to better my stream, but if I can’t work this then I have no choice.

Can you offer more information on “doesn’t play the sound I set”?

The visual alerts for OBS are not yet ready for the new streamtip site. They are coming…

You can now generate visual alerts again. Check the downloads page for info:

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