Streamtip API down?


I was wondering if the API for Streamtip has been down or if it endpoints were changed yesterday?
We are getting 404s for all our requests, which is a big issue because we actively use the recent transactions from the API in a lot of our stream features.

I hope this can be resolved soon.


Once again, sorry for the late reply. There was a minor issues but should be all resolved now.

To clarify, yesterday the site was taken down for maintenance while the backend received major upgrades. None of the API endpoints have been removed post-upgrade, so if you’re still seeing errors please post details on which endpoint you’re experiencing problems with.

Thanks, the 404 issue seems to have been resolved. I’m assuming it was a caching issue, if there is any on your end?

I’m now running into a new problem with the API though. I’ll be opening a new topic for that.

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