Streamtip and Nightdev (API key)


So I used Streamdonation and the API key with nightdev and it worked perfectly, everytime I sent a notification it did exactly what I needed it to do, but now it doesn’t work.

I’m assuming the API key is different now with the new site, so which key is it? The token? the ID? I rely on nightdev donation alert for both my sounds and visuals, as I have different overlays that require different sounds and themes for each game. Please help me figure this out so I can get my visual donation working again!

(also yes, I downloaded the streamtracker and updated everything, it works fine and shows the alert in my tracker but the VISUAL alert (and sounds) from nightdev don’t activate).

Ok i can see that the api key and the “token” are the same from before, so that’s all good and gravy…

but the alert still doesn’t work, even with streamtip alert running in the background.

Recreate your tip alerts at the following link…

Yep, that was it, that sucks too because I had SOOOOO many different ones, luckly I saved them all!

Tested and works, great job.

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