StreamTip Alerter Top Donators Not Working


I’ve been trying to add a Top Donators list into my stream overlay but for some reason it wont work. The most recent tippers and tipper works fine but the Top tipper doesnt register any names for some reason. Each time I open StreamTip Alerter it overwrites the old file (if I would have put anything in it manually) and replaces it with nothing, which in turn makes my list disappear. Please help! =D

Richard Fortea

The only advice I can offer to fix the top tipper not registering names would be to re-install the program as a whole.

To fix the problem of it resetting the text file when you re-open the program, you’re going to need to go to settings > configure > alerts > settings, and then uncheck the boxes necessary.


Thanks for the reply! =D

I tried reinstalling but it didn’t help. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated! =D


I am also having the exact same problem with Teeboard ever since I recently signed up. All the notifications work except Top Tip.

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