Streamtip Alerter - PUT Tip Functionality


I am unsure if this is working as designed.

  1. PUT new tips/tid
  2. Receive 200 response


  1. Since a new tip was added, I would expect to see the tip listed under “Recent tips” (Showing no tip is visible)

I restarted the program to see if it would then show, it does not.

If this is the intended functionality then you may close this thread.

My apologies. You won’t actually be alerted via Faye unless you post the form with the alert key as true. I have added this to the documentation.

I see.

I’ve PUT /tips/tid with alert=true and I am still unable to get an “alert” to fire off. I can see the donations are being added by looking at my dashboard but i don’t see that functionality being mirrored here.

I’ve tried with “alert=true” in the querystring and in the request body.

client.subscribe('/'+client_id, function(data) {
       // We got a new tip!
        console.log("It would appear we have recieved a tip");
}).then(function() {
    // We are logged in!
    console.log('Logged into server');

All I see in the console is “Logged into the server”

I am operating under the assumption that once subscribed to this channel that I should be able to see any donations that I have manually PUT up. (This looks to be quite similar to socketIO in that you “listen” on certain channels)

Thanks for all the hardwork :slight_smile: I am enjoying playing around in the new system.

EDIT: to be clear, i see no indication of an alert in the “Streamtip Alerter” or the code featured above.

This should be fixed now. It would have worked if you were sending the form as JSON, but now it works for both. I use JSON-encoded forms on-site.

Following instructions is so hard :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me out. I appreciate it.

I’ve made over 10000 test dollars now - where do I convert this into real monies? :stuck_out_tongue: Worked like a charm, client and the JS. Thanks again.

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