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Streamtip Alerter does not work


The Streamtip alerter app doesn’t work for me. When i’m trying to open it… It only says “Loading…” and nothing happens I have tried to uninstall and install the program but nothing changes.


Best to send debug to the team,
check here Debugging the Streamtip Alerter (not the visual alerter)

You don’t happen to have 2 Streamtips installed? I don’t know if this causes this issues but I know one of our recent builds didn’t copy over an existing install so sometimes users have 2 Streamtips installed.

I had an issues before where Streamtip didn’t seem to connect so I ended up deleting the folder in AppData ( C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\streamtip-alerter ) and reinstalled and fill everything out.

But sending a debug might help Night and the Dev team pin point the problem asap.



Just to confirm here that this is due to you running an old version of the alerter.

You will need to completely uninstall the old one, and then download and install the new one from the Downloads page.


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