Streamtip alerter asks for my twitch password

I just updated to the latest version of streamtip alerter. In the previous version I was using, I had to paste in an access token for it to have partial access to my twitch account; this seemed reasonable.

In the current version, when I click to sign in with twitch, it asks me to type in my twitch username and password inside the streamtip alerter window. Normally when this kind of auth flow happens inside a browser, I can tell whether or not I’ve been redirected to twitch, so I know that the service I’m trying to log in to isn’t just spoofing the twitch login screen. I don’t have any way of seeing that here; this program could easily steal my password. I’m not particularly suspicious that you are actually trying to do that, but as a matter of security policy, I’m not willing to type my twitch password into a third party program like this.

Is there some way to connect my twitch account more securely? I couldn’t find anything relevant in the settings screen.

We use Twitch as an authentication provider. When you login, we redirect you to Twitch’s API to login, which then redirects back to us to log you in.

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