Streamtip 0.2.0 problems

I have just recently updated to streamtip 0.2.0 and have seem to come across a couple of problems. It is a probably a user error but I am hoping you can enlighten me.

  1. When accessing the session top tip file, it seems to be stacking donations where as I only require the text file for the for the top tip of the session.
  2. When trying to create a sound for top donation an error stating “the minimum amount set conflicts with another sound” I have both Session Top Tip and Most Recent Tip minimums both set to “0” and no matter number I change it to I still get the error.
  3. No matter what the amount is , the top tip sound will play even if it isnt the top amount.

I was able to reproduce these 3 problems and patch them. I’ve temporarily removed 0.2.0 from the site until we can get all of these issues worked out, since it appears the sheer number of changes made have been creating instability. We will publish 0.2.1 later today when we confirm the issues have been fixed.

Please try this new build and let me know if you experience any further issues:

build links removed, 0.2.1 released

Thank you for your quick reply . All those issues seem to have been fixed

I’m still getting the 2nd issue that Egnys was having. I’ve got my “Session - Recent” set at minimum 1, and when I try to set my “Day - Top” to 1.01 it’s giving me the “the minimum amount set conflicts with another sound” error.

From the error message you provided, I can tell you’re still on 0.2.0. We released 0.2.1 soon after my last post in this thread, as noted by the edit to my post above. We also just released 0.2.2 to further address the last few errors we were seeing. Upgrading to a newer build will fix your issue. You can download the latest version at

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