Stream Tip sound alert problem

I have a most recent sound alert and a top tip sound alert. It seems that I’m still getting the sound alert for both even when I get a top donation and even when I don’t get a top donation. Types are session top and session recent.

Possible bug?

I’m just trying to have it so that only the top tip sound will go off when it’s a top donation and only the recent tip sound to go off when it’s not a top donation.

Are you using version 2.3.0 of the alerter? Can you show the settings you have for each sound so I can replicate them?

I can’t upload images due to being a new user so I uploaded here:

There’s no way to override so that if the top donation goes off it will not play the recent donation sound?

The system is already coded in a fashion such that a top tip will not play the recent sound. Thanks for providing a screenshot. I will replicate your settings and attempt to reproduce.

I just placed your settings into the alerter v0.2.3 and I cannot reproduce this, sorry. You might want to double check that you don’t have some other alerter open that is playing the sound.

It seems to be working fine after I deleted my sound notifications and made new ones. The notifications were imported from previous versions so maybe there were some old hidden variables/formulas causing it? I’ve been using Streamtip for 5 months so maybe it carried over things.

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