Stream Tip Goal displaying wrong amount


I’ve been trying to setup a stream tip goal, but the amount is off. From what I gather the number should be different. If I click ‘view tips’ on the goal, it states a different number in the selected time frame than it does on the goal itself - I can’t seem to figure out why?

Any ideas?

Deleted transactions still count towards the goal, so that’s why it appears to be “off” but is actually accurate.


I mean, if the transaction was deleted it is possibly because it shouldn’t count? Any way to remove it?

Transactions on Streamtip are never deleted, only hidden from view… It’s this way because money cannot be deleted, only moved. If the transaction was reversed, then the amount would be subtracted again.

How do I reverse a manual donation? I track my patreon and youtube payments along side donations and added a donation that I deleted afterwards.

You can send us an email and ask us to manually remove the transaction, but there is no way you can do it yourself with manual transactions.

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