Stream tip for not streaming

The website is called stream tip, but can I link to it from youtube videos? I think it would work but I don’t know if that is what it is meant for or if there is a reason to not do it that way.

Hey Supertorus,

Even tho your tipping page is public, the person tipping still needs to have a Twitch, Hitbox or DailyMotion account to login to tip you.


Why tippers need to login with Twitch, Hitbox or DailyMotion account? I don’t understand that…

Those are just the current ways of logging onto StreamTip. Because of this your privacy is dependent of those services and not on Nightdev Servers. Just a way to authenticate someone. No donate or “tip” you don’t need any type of account because it is handled through PayPal, unless they decide to use PayPal account services.

I tested tipping after I cleared my web browser site history. It shows this when I’m trying to tip my twitch stream without login and i’m trying to tip myself:


Is that possible to get login with Facebook? Many people have Facebook account nowadays.

Nope currently those are the only methods available.

Okay. Good to know. :wink:

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