Stream Tip Crashing at Donation

Stream tip has started to crash whenever a donation comes in, making no sound and crashing. Although the streamtip txt files update and the visual alert pops up on screen, nothing updates within the streamtip program. Help?

i have the same issue: and still after deinstall and install ihave crashes when a donation comes in,
sound and image is thereā€¦ but instant crashes after sound so i have to restart the program :frowning: need help

I have the same issue! This has been happening ever since I updated my streamtip alerter to the newer version.

The funny thing is that it works fine during preview + test donating through streamtip but as soon as I get a donation live on stream it stops responding and crashes.

Same issue here. Crashes the moment a tip comes in.

Please try version 0.1.8 of the application to see if it helps:

If after installing 0.1.8 you still have this same issue, roll back to 0.1.6 until we can debug why some users are crashing.

can you post what setting you have turned on, like text2speech or notifications?

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