Stream Tags Presets

Basically, I want to make some stream information presets. I stream mostly Art & IRL so I just want to go !irl or !art on chat and make it so it automatically set those tags and category. I believe this is possible, but I’m not sure how to make it real. I’d like to know what !game/!tag would have in the “message” section if it was a custom command so maybe I can come up with something. Thanks. And sorry if I didn’t explain myself all that well, I’m no programmer, lol.

Hey @pomeloart!

You can easily do so by using alias commands:

!addcom !irl -a=!game Just Chatting

!addcom !art -a=!game Art

You can’t however edit both the game/category and tags at once.

I recommend you read the documentation.

Oh, nice. I didn’t know I could use alias that way. Guess I’ll make it a two-step thing, then. Good enough! Thank you for your help, Emily. :smiley:

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