Stream pauses when I open new tab

title is a bit vague it takes a bit to explain. Basically when I’m watching a stream and a streamer I follow goes online, there’s a popup on the top left that says “streamer X has started streaming, click here to watch” and when I middle mouse click the “click here to watch” a new tab opens when the stream but it automatically pauses the one I’m currently watching. So I’m forced to go back to my follow page and open it from there or pause my current stream which I generally don’t want to do

This didn’t use to happen in the past, maybe from a couple of months back so I’d like to ask to have it reverted or an option to disable it.

Thanks for your time

I believe this is because the Twitch player is being paused by Chrome. Chrome 46 and higher will not autoplay video in the background. Only foreground video autoplays.

yeah, xangold knows about this, he said they are looking into fixing that

appreciate the replies I’m glad it’s being worked on, just an issue that had been bothering me for a bit now so decided to make a suggestion about it.

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