Stream donation for BoSTV channel not always firing

Hi, I have been trying to get a custom alert working through for the Balls Of Steel racing channel, BoSTV, run by CobaltStreak and Richard_Hammer.

The alert fired for the first few test donations, and then stopped working. We put it up anyway and part way through the stream it started capturing donations again perfectly, however the audio was not playing. Then when the page was reloaded it stopped firing again.

There are no error messages in the console log in Chrome (I have been running a copy of it in my browser to monitor the alert, so I’ve been keeping logs open), so I am not sure what the issue could be as to why it sometimes fires but most of the time does not. Nothing was changed between the time when it was not triggering and when it started catching things perfectly, so I have no way to know what happened.

Just to make sure I hadn’t messed up, I took code directly from the basic notification page and used that instead of the stuff I had used from the API, and it still had the same effect. I don’t think CobaltStreak or I am doing anything wrong. Is there a solution I don’t know about?

Could it be an issue on the PayPal end?

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: After checking the IPN history, it says “Not available for Personal Account”. Is a business account required for StreamTips to work? If so, then why did it work a few times before?

As stated on the homepage of StreamDonations, a premier or business account is required. This may change in the future, but for now it’s required.

Okay I’m not sure how I missed that, thanks. But that doesn’t explain why it has worked in the past…Anyway I’ll make sure that happens then.

Requiring a premier account is new and was added for additional security…

Okay well that makes sense, though I don’t see it on the hope page for StreamTip, only for StreamDonations, which is why I missed it. However, I was more referring to why this alert itself was not working, then suddenly worked about 20 times in a row, and then no longer fired. Either way, I’ll just have them get a premier account. Thanks!

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