Strange error attempting to rejoin Discord server

So, here’s the deal:

Trying to synchronize server info, something was out of place, attempting to find out where the problem was, I removed Nightbot from Discord.

Now, I’m attempting to reconnect Nightbot to my Discord server. The account is already connected, but when I attempt to click the Join Server button, a popup window opens with a crossout icon, and a programming error: “Invalid scope: applications.commands.”

I have tried multiple web browsers and extensions disabled across two platforms with no luck. Nightbot cannot connect because the Discord website is producing an error.

I have logged into Discord via the website as well as the app. I’m pretty out of options at this point and I think this is an integration issue between Discord and Nightbot.

The Twitch integration works just fine, no issues there. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this error or if there’s anything else that can be done?

Thanks if you can help.

Hey @sonicgott!

Thank you for reporting this issue!
@night will look into it as soon as possible, please be patient in the meantime.

While you were the first one to report this issue, I’ll redirect you to the feed that’s now the most active on the matter as updates will likely be posted there: Error Linking Nightbot to Discord — Invalid scope: applications.commands

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