Store string for later call by different command

I run a community stream where many different people use the same channel. I would like to be able to create a command that would work like so:

input moderator: !sethost @touser
output: @touser is now hosting
input (from regular chatter): !hosting
output: @touser(stored) is hosting, check out their channel at url/touser(stored)

I know this is possible via !addcom !sethost -ul=moderator $(touser) is now hosting !editcom !hosting etc, but I was wondering if we have a cleaner way of doing so, that way it won’t interrupt chat quite so heavily. thanks.

Hey @teamplaysttv!

You can do so by using alias commands:

!addcom !sethost -ul=mod -a=!editcom !hosting $(twitch $(touser) "{{displayName}} is now hosting, check out their channel at {{url}}")
!addcom !hosting Command isn't set yet

You’ll just need to call !sethost username to edit !hosting.

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