Store and Draw data from a Pastebin Database

A couple of days ago I found this great response post:

… which allows you to basically create a database using a Pastebin file.

I modified the command to look something like this:
!commands add .drawdata -ul=moderator $(eval var data = “$(urlfetch “.split(”,”); data[$(query)]:wink:
… because I didn’t want the command to draw random data from the file, instead draw each line/entry as I request it.
So with the command above I would do .drawdata 0 and that would return Line/Entry 1 from the Pastebin file.
The command may be a bit messy but I’m not very familiar with the different things you can do with certain functions… like that “.split”, I had no idea that even existed xD

My question is: Would there be a way for me to store data in that Pastebin file via a command? Say, .storedata instead of .drawdata in my example?
Someone suggested it would be easier to use a Quote system instead but I would really like to know if something like this can be done. Perhaps changing the link from “/raw/” to “/edit/” as that takes you to the editing page for the Pastebin file.

Thanks a ton in advance!

The current URL fetch system only does GET requests, so it’s not possible to modify data in a Pastebin file. If you are skilled you can build an API that proxies requests between Nightbot and Pastebin, but at that point you might as well just store it yourself.

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Thanks for the response!
Yeah I suppose, but then when I want to use something like this (link to my other help request):

I can’t really edit a command to add a $(countdown) because the countdown is triggered the moment the !set command goes out. I imagine the solution is to store the variable along with any hardcoded data (like the timezone ( $(countdown $(query) Zone) ), and then call it with the command that checks the countdown… Unless there’s a way to implement $(countdown) and not have it print it out until I really want it to?

I replied to your other thread. We typically try to keep threads on topic here rather than merge multiple issues into one.

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Oh sorry!
Yeah I imagined from the moment I was typing this topic that this wouldn’t be possible at all. Wish there was a way for me to remove the thread altogether.

Thank you for your responses though!

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