Stop NightBot from Deleting Messages


I recently installed NightBot. Am happy with it for the most part. However, I want to prevent it from deleting messages when visitors post links or do anything else that may be in violation of the spam protection filters. All I want it for a message to pop into chat to explain the link permission process, which I have set up and works like a charm. If I can just stop NightBot from deleting messages, I’d be happy. If not, I have to find another solution.


Sorry but in order for spam protection to occur the message must be removed. You can use !permit to allow a user to post a link for a limited time without getting timed out, otherwise this functionality cannot be disabled.

Ok, but why does it have to delete all messages from the user and not just the link that was posted?

Twitch / Youtube doesn’t allow to remove a specific message when a timeout happens all of the users messages are removed.

thats unfortunate and will force me to disable NightBot. thanks for your help.

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