Stop cursor from moving to the left after typing emote name

It’s been months since it started. What happens is I will type the name of an emote and once the emote name is “detected” the cursor moves to the left of the emote. So for example, if I type Pog, the blinking cursor moves from the “g” to the left of the “P”. Like “|Pog” instead of “Pog|”. Hopefully that example makes sense. This alone is annoying, but it’s worse because if I’m typing the name of an emote that has the same beginning letters as another emote, it will move the cursor to the left of the emote before I finish typing the emote because it detected a different emote before I finished typing. As example of that:

If I try to type the emote “wubbySize”, it will detect another emote just called “wubbyS” and it will move the cursor to the left of the “w”, so I have to arrow over to the “S” and continue typing the “ize”.

I have gone through every setting in BTTV multiple times trying to find a way to turn this off but I have not found anything. I’ve tried toggling random settings off in case it’s bundled in with other settings then refresh the Twitch chat page and tried again but it does the same thing every time.

I’m at a loss for how to turn this off. It’s making me nutty.

Thank you.

I figured it out. After messing with BTTV in another browser I discovered that the issue did not exist except in my main browser. Started disabling extensions one by one and found that the Chrome extension “Word Replacer II” was responsible. It shouldn’t have been doing anything on Twitch, but it was. Case closed.

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