SteamTip sound and image lag/delay

As soon as i hit the button “Preview Stream” I will hear the sound (the sound stutters), but see no image until a second before the ‘new donation’ flickers and then disappears…

Is there a fix to this by any chance?

I just tried doing a tip test, and the image displayed perfectly, but the sound was still stuttering. I have also played the .ogg file on winamp, but there was no stutter…

If you’re having sound issues, make sure you are using NightDev’s CLR Browser plugin. You can get the download by clicking here
If you already have it, wipe out the contents in the OBS plugin folder and do a clean install.

I have just re-installed the plugin that you recommended, but I notice the delay/lag in sound still persists :frowning:

i’ve done that already too :confused:

Are you using the Razer Kraken 7.1 headset?

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