$(steam) not working?

I’m trying make the command !game by using !addcom !game Mikey is currently playing $(steam STEAM_0:0:69592870 “{{gameName}}”) but it doesn’t work. Nightbot is telling me that the steam id is invalid. I’ve tried everything I could think of, profile link, profile id, steam id, steam 3 id but none if it works. Here is a link to all of the ids of the user I’m trying to reference in this command: http://steamid.co/player.php?input=76561198099451468 . I’m aware that Nightbot has !game built in but I’d prefer that the game comes directly from steam.

Note: I don’t have direct access to Nightbot’s dashboard yet the streamer forgot to give me access and I’m incapable of contacting him right now.

The required ID is Steam community ID. This can be found within editing your profile. The variable itself works fine:

$(steam Aaron128l)

Like a link to their profile? My profile link is http://steamcommunity.com/id/NitrogenOxygen/ so would the command be !addcom !game NitrousOxide is currently playing $(steam NitrogenOxygen “{{gameName}}”)?

Yeah the ID to their profile. I suggest not naming it !game as it will overwrite the default Twitch command, other than that the command looks fine.

Alright. You’re right it does work, I tested it on myself it just doesn’t work on his link, I’ll have to ask him to change his id to a custom id rather than the pre-generated url.

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