Start CurrentSong.exe from Batch File

I have been using the CurrentSong program for quite a while now and really enjoy it’s simplicity. In order to further simplify my streaming process I decided to make a batch script, that is run from my desktop, to start all the programs and tools I need every time I stream. Everything is working fine except for CurrentSong. Whenever I try to start it from the batch script I get the following error:

Your settings.ini file is missing or corrupted. Fix the issue and restart the program/wait 30 seconds.

The batch line that I am using to try and start CurrentSong is as follows:

start "CurrentSong" "E:\Desktop\Stream\Content\currentsongwindows3.0\currentsong.exe"

So now to my main question. Is there any way to start CurrentSong from a batch script and pass it the location of the settings.ini file? Or is there some other way I should be trying to call currentsong.exe from my batch script?

Thank you for your time,

While CurrentSong supports Nightbot, Nightdev has no afflication with CurrentSong. Also because I’ve never used it before I would recommend contacting the maker on his GitHub.

Ahh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the link to the maker’s GitHub :smile:

@Aaron128l you are misidentifying the application that @Tipher88 is referring to.

@Tipher88 The current song application outputs to the current directory. If your batch script changes directory before executing the script, it should output to the directory you changed to.

Thanks for your reply @night Simply modifying my script to change directory before calling the application worked fine. The CurrentSong portion of my script is as follows:

cd E:\Desktop\Stream\Content\currentsongwindows3.0
start "CurrentSong" "E:\Desktop\Stream\Content\currentsongwindows3.0\currentsong.exe"

I appreciate the help!

Oops. Sorry for the mixup. :confused: Learn something new everyday.

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