Standard Follower Alert not working?

Thanks for your work on this guys.

I set myself up with a standard non-custom follower alert. Link is:

The preview works in both Chrome and OBS Studio 0.13.4. But I gained a couple new followers over the last few days, and the alert never seems to pop up. I believe I have it set up right. My Stream Tip Alert works fine, just not the New Follower Alert. Any help is much appreciated.

If the preview is working then it should be functioning just fine as long as the channel configured is your Twitch username. It is worth noting that unfollowing and refollowing your channel to test with does not work, and due to caching it can take up to a minute for new followers to show.

Thanks for the response! The followers were new, so that shouldn’t have been the issue. I’ll keep monitoring to see if it was just delayed. I feel like I waited a while for the alerts to pop up. Hopefully next time it just works so I don’t have to feel paranoid about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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