SR won't work for one user

We have one user in our chat and when we have Song Requests on it won’t accept any from them. It always comes back with There was an error requesting the song. Error: unauthorized
They are subber and a VIP in chat. They seem to be the only person who gets that error. Any idea how to fix it for them?

Do the links they request with come from YouTube or Spotify?

From Youtube.
Say if they did !sr Yellow Submarine. They would get “There was an error requesting the song. Error: unauthorized”

But if I copy and paste the exact thing they have put it will work.

It only seems to be happening to one person in our stream and we just can’t work out why. They aren’t banned, they are a follower. they are subbed and are even a VIP.
But yeah it just never works for them but is fine for everyone else.

Are other vips able to do it? I doubt that’s related but idk. Also have they been able to request songs in the past? Actually do you possibly have the userlevel of the !songs command set to vip?

Hey @dominic_ingersole!

It can’t be linked to the userlevel of the !songs command like @potatoeaterlove suggested since other users who aren’t VIP are able to request songs.
I think it could be linked to the limits you set for your AutoDJ, go to the Settings and check your current Limits settings and adjust them if you think it’s needed.

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This seems potentially relevant to this topic Song request help - #8 by night

Oh. Thanks for that. Very well could be it as they are a streamer and they did use to use Nightbot but don’t anymore. We will check that out. Thanks!

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