Spotify Songs not Playing

Any songs that inserted into my AutoDJ list from Spotify don’t seem to play and just hang at 00:00. Youtube links play with no issue.

I’ve read the docs and other threads of people having similar problems, but none seem to work for me. For reference, neither anti-virus software or a firewall are blocking either Spotify or the Nightbot desktop app (I’ve also tested this with both programs turned completely off to no avail) and I do run spotify before the nightbot app. I’ve attempted to uninstall & reinstall both applications, and the “Allow spotify to be opened from the web” setting in spotify is enabled.

Any help is appreciated.

Make sure you have this enabled in your Spotify settings:

Additionally, make sure Spotify is open before you open the Nightbot app, and make sure you’re on the latest version of the Nightbot app (download the latest from if you aren’t sure).

Checked spotify, and that setting was already enabled.

I reinstalled the nightbot app and made sure I opened spotify before the nightbot app, but songs still refuse to play.

Then unfortunately there’s not much I can do for you, sorry. It should just “work,” but since we use an unsupported Spotify API it might not work for everyone.

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