Spotify playlist overriding nightbot playlist

it started a 4 days ago. everytime i have my nightbot… after one song… spotify playlist will just play… and nightbot playlist will stop playing

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I have exactly the same problem. Since few days, after launchung nighbot, it finishes a starting song from my list or viewers’ song requests and then instead of playing next request or any song from my imported spotify list, it just stops playing and spotify plays some random song itself :confused: Any fixes/solution?

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We haven’t changed anything that would cause this. It’s possible someone requested a song that is not available in your country (if it’s on YouTube), which auto skips it.

I’m having the same issue myself…

I am having this same probelm D:

any updates on this, friends?

As you can see I am not alone with this issue. And it is also not about requesting song that is not available in my country. The same happens when I am using only my imported spotify list. After first song it just stops and starts playing random song from spotify client. I am using same spotify list since like 2 months and it worked well till like week ago and suddenly got bugged. Reinstalling doesn’t help at all. Something has to be on nightbot’s side.

Spotify recently released a feature called Autoplay which will continuously play music after a song ends. You can disable this in the Spotify preferences:


thanks this worked!!

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