Spotify list won't import

So i can’t get any spotify list to import into the nightbot app on mac.

I have channel selected instead of mostercat.
i can add individual youtube songs to my nightbot channel playlist but when i import my spotify play list it says it may take a while for songs to show, but no matter how long you wait they don’t show?
i have tired importing other random spotify playlists and they don’t import either.

i must be missing something haha

cheers in advance

Spotify started adding a ?si= flag to their links that will break the importer, remove it and it’ll work fine.

so i remove the ?si= and it says invalid playlist supplied, i tried for my playlist and random, happens for both.
when i use the link without modifying it it says the playlist is being imported it may take some time but doesn’t actually get added.

Only eligible tracks in a Spotify playlist are added to your channel playlist. It’s possible you have a playlist containing ineligible tracks.

Thanks for your replies. I tried a random list again and it worked! So i tried my playlist again and it worked!
i have no idea haha

cheers everyone

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