Spotify and Nightbot

I don’t understand why this is so difficult, it literally used to be so easy, but here goes…

Okay when I used to used Spotify+Nightbot, I literally could open the nightbot app and click auto DJ and then whatever song I either play from my own playlist on spotify, or search in the searchbar and play, it would work perfectly, i could basically just open nightbot then play whatever i want on spotify and it would sync together and it was no problem

Now, the only way nightbot app recognizes what i’m playing is if i literally import the whole playlist into my nightbot app from spotify which means if i decide to play music from a different playlist or want to put on a different kind of music whether i search it or find another playlist, i then have to manually go into the nightbot playlist part and import that song or whole playliist just to be able to recognize it, this NEVER used to be so awkward and annoying

so i literally can not manually choose a song i want to play, because nightbot will throw a fit and stop recognizing anything, and show the wrong song that i’m playing, or just give me 100000000 red error boxes in the top right corner. So basically all i can do is manually import a playlist, and then listen to it on shuffle, i can’t even manually choose a song via spotify in the playlist i’ve already imported, because nightbot doesn’t recognize it

am i doing something wrong or has something changed? i haven’t used nightbot for months


to add to my frustration

every single time i write in my stream !volume 20/30/40/whatever i get a red message box on my nightbot saying “Volume not possible with Spotify”

exactly the same issue if i manually change the sound on my spotify app, and the exactly the same issue if i manually change the sound slider on my nightbot app

can’t understand why this is so difficult

What you’re trying to do has never been a feature in Nightbot, so you’re mistaken. Song requests control Spotify. Spotify cannot control song requests.

The only integration we offer for showing what current song you’re listening to in chat is through Lastfm. You can check an example of that out at

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