Specific Counter

Hello, is it possible to have a counter from a specific date and time. For example a counter indicating the time since May 10, 2022 at 11:06 p.m. with 24h format and with response like this : Day, Hour Min sec ?


Hey @dirqf!

Check out the documentation: $(countup).

Thanks possible to change the answers language ?

Sure, check out this topic:

Thanks a lot ! it was difficult for me but it’s ok !

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Glad you figured it out! I would have given you a hand if you didn’t manage it by now, but I was busy before then. We’re volunteers, we don’t do this full time.

No problem, it’s normal. Thanks a lot !

$(eval d=`$(countup 05 10 2022 10:43:19 PM Europe/Paris)`; d.replace(`hours`,`heures`).replace('days',`jours`).replace(`seconds`,`secondes`);)
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