Specific commands for Followers?

Hey there.

I am absolutely in love with the fact Nightbot allows us to manually create a list of Regulars, thus allowing us to create commands only Regulars can use.

However, I would also like to make commands that only my Followers could use. Any plans to implement something like this in the future, or a workaround I can use in the meantime?

edit: What I’m looking for, is not something that specifically adds the Followers rank, but rather something that lets us add and name our own custom chat ranks, as well as rank them higher/lower than the other already existing ranks, or set a custom rank at the same hierarchic level as an already existing ranks.

This could be useful, for instance, to create a Donators rank and allow us to give them the same benefits the Subscribers rank has. This could be used by people that don’t have a Twitch Subscriber command, but are taking their own custom Subscription donations from other platforms, such as Muxy, GameWisp or GamingForGood instead.

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As far as I know, short of making a custom API, there isn’t a workaround for something like that. I haven’t heard of that as being a planned feature, though one of the NightDev people would have to confirm.

Follower limitations is a terrible way to limit viewer interaction as it can be easily accessed and has no requirements, which is the same as the Everyone role.

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Actually, I thought the same until recently. I noticed a few streamers I watch regularly were quite surprised that, every time they did a follower giveaway, they ended up finding out that a lot of people they saw regularly in chat during their sessions hadn’t really followed them even though they had been regulars of the channel for quite some time. I guess some people need just an extra incentive to hit the Follow button :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m looking for, is not something that specifically adds the Followers rank, but rather something that lets us add, name and customize the hierarchic level of our own custom chat ranks.

Read my first post for more details, I just updated it.

Sorry but creating new userlevels isn’t available at this time. The Nightbot hierarchic system is only to group users for command use and spam protection avoidance.

I realize that, but I have certain commands only Subscribers can use and I’d like people who donate on other platforms to gain access to the same commands. After all, they’re investing their own money, just like someone Subscribing through the Twitch Sub button.

Subscribers can be manually added and managed though the Nightbot API. However there is no way to add users through a command or though the Control Panel.

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