Spam Protection

Hello, what i need to write in spam protection, if i want block “fuck”?
I write in there fuck* but it’s not working!

the examples kind of show what to write. To match only “fuck” you would just write that in the box. “fuck*” matches “fuck” and then anything afterwards.

Are you using nightbot on youtube, twitch, or discord? Are other blacklisted words/spam protections working?

Discord, it’s not working. Any blacklist is not working!

Help me!!!

does nightbot have the proper server permissions on discord? Have you actually enabled spam protections on

It’s enabled, and i gived all permissions.

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I have the same problem … help me

Are you still having issues? Nightbot on Discord will only remove messages. It will not timeout users.

I have same problem its pretty frustrating!

If you’re having spam protection issues with Nightbot on Discord then provide us with the following so we can investigate:

  • Your Twitch/YouTube user information
  • Your Discord server ID

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