Spam Protection is off the rails


Edit: adding “sdotpro” to the links whitelist seems to have fixed the issue regarding the user’s name, but the second problem listed below is a mystery

I moderate for a Destiny streamer, and we’re experiencing a Cyberdyne-level aggressive Nightbot with regards to spam protection and links.

A user is not allowed to be tagged by other regular users because his name is, “sdotpro”. Nightbot sees this as an attempt around an actual link.

I tried adding to the links whitelist (in case semantic relationships were checked vs the whitelist) but that did not help.

A bit later, another user came in and typed this:

just wondering. I played against you on xbox in trials. you are on my friends list. me and my team ran no land beyonds

And Nightbot timed him out automatically for “posting a link”.

Any ideas on how to help fix this? It seems incredibly aggressive.


As you can see, we also filter links where people try to bypass the link filter.

In the first example, “” is a link. In the second example, “” is a link.

We’re aware there are numerous cases of false positives, and working to reduce them is on our to-do list already.

The tag .me is seen as a link in nightbot. For a fix I’ve found that adding . me seems to allow it to slip by. Note that there is a space between the . and me.

@night - thanks so much!

@Aaron128l - thanks, added to the whitelist!

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