Spam link in Silent | How do I see the log?

I use the Spam bot but I would like to use it in Silent mode how can I see the deleted messages?

Hey @Dragon_Awaken!

If you’re using BTTV, make sure you have the Show Deleted Messages setting turned on.

If you don’t use BTTV, what are you doing?! Haha! You’re missing out, and definitely should install the extension, just go here.

Hope this helps!

i use for Discord and I like to know if is the same

When a message on Discord is deleted, generally there is no way to view the content of those messages.

There are some Discord bots that log messages before deleting them. Nightbot is not one of them.

You know what bot do this? I well like to get it … in my server Discord is on who come and create new acc and spam with nude link .I use to delet his mesege but I like to keep on Silent and to know who is to ban him every time he join back .

Off the top of my head, I can suggest Logger bot which is good for tracking message edits and deletions.

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