Spam delete message

Nightbot is removing peoples messages as if they were putting spam in and it’s getting a little tedious the channel is for KeepWishing3.

Have you/they configured nightbot to not delete spam? All of nightbot’s spam blacklists are very configurable and the defaults are mainly for really bad chats with lots of spam.

The only time it really does it is when said person posts a link then every time they post again it just comes up as spam delete even when they haven’t posted a link again after being told not to or to ask for permission, as for the streamer even though they don’t really get how to use nightbot to it’s full extent they refuse to have a mod/manager because of drama.

That is not a nightbot feature that is bttv. If a client is spamming multiple twitch chats with the same sorts of messages and links their accounts is marked as spam for the next hour. This usually only affects spam bots but gets the occasional person as well. You can disable it in your bttv settings if you want. But not a nightbot thing.

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