Source Button Detector for Nightbot?

I’m moderator for a channel that goes probably half the stream without source button and then when it reaches source button everyone starts saying that the stream is frozen. So my question is, would it be possible to have it so nightbot automatically detects when you get a source button and if it could tell people to press pause and play to get it to un freeze. Thanks for reading this in advance <3

All unpartnered streams on default are on source, when they get temporary quality options allows the trans-coding of low, medium, high etc. Currently there is no way to configure Nightbot to detect this. Best option is just to make a command. And once quality options are given they don’t lose them until the stream ends.

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So there’s no way for nightbot to tell when transcoding is activated because that’d be awesome

Currently no, sorry.

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Oh well thanks for the help man have a good one

It is also worth noting that Twitch is already aware of this problem and they are working to fix it.

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