Sounds alerts, then 30seconds later visual alert shows

I did a fresh install of the plugin. What am I doing wrong, when somebody follows I first hear the sound alert, then 30seconds later it shows the visual alert on stream (no delay used on stream)

Thank you

Ummm… That’s because your live stream is always 15-50 seconds behind you. You should be looking at the broadcast software’s preview window.

If it’s delayed, why is the sound alert not delayed and played at the same time as the visual alert?


What you’re noticing is normal for the broadcaster. Viewers have the sound synced properly.

The technical reason is the sound plays on your computer and the visual alert is displayed on the stream. Both audio and visuals are then sent to the Twitch servers, which process it and send it to viewers. About 15-30 seconds after you heard the sound, everyone watching on the web or mobile will see and hear the alert. You don’t hear it at this point because you have your stream muted to prevent echo.

Okay now that makes absolute perfect sense 3ventic.

Thank you very much. Happy to close this thread, if there is such a function

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