SoundCloud API error

Hi all, I’m trying to add songs to my nightbot channel via the “add song” under “Playlist.” But no matter what link I drop into the “add song” pop up, I get a red error box with the message “SoundCloud API error” in it. See image below.

Is this just me or a more global issue? I currently have providers set only to SoundCloud as I would only like to draw music from this source. Any feedback would be helpful and appreciated.

It turns out only specific songs don’t work. Oh well, I tried! :grinning:

The only way for us to return a SoundCloud API Error is if they returned to us a non-successful and unhandled error. With the links that were erroring we may be able to take a look, but it’s most likely an issue with the link you’re inputting or an error on SoundCloud’s end.

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