Sound works, but alert doesn't show

I followed your video on how to install the CLR browser and made a custom noise for myself. Now when I go to use the preview it works beautifully and without any flaws what-so-ever. But when I go and look at it on stream nothing happens. I am quite puzzled by this and so are my streamer friends who have no idea what the issue could be.

Anything that shows up in OBS shows on your stream. Make sure you haven’t mis-layered your sources.

Everything is layered properly. I have the follower alert on top of everything for it to show. But for some reason it doesn’t. I last night had kept an eye on my generated code and saw that people were hitting the follow button as I watched their names appear on the webpage. But they didn’t appear on OBS/Stream.

What webpage? You’re supposed to open the alerter in OBS using CLR Browser, not in your own browser.

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