Sound only Playing in Preview

Have had a problem that started occurring the past few weeks using the visual alerter where the visual pops, but the sound doesn’t play (so I’m missing the alerts during the stream). When I use “&preview=true” the sound plays fine. Any ideas on what could be causing this? I’m using OBS / CLR Browser.

There’s not a change between adding &preview=true and not adding it. The parameter just makes it autoplay a test alert on page load. It sounds more likely that there’s a configuration issue on your stream. Double check that your audio settings are configured properly.

Thank you for the quick response!

I’ve looked around OBS for any audio settings that might prevent desktop audio from outputting to the stream or my desktop, but nothing seems to fit the bill. (The preview version calls the sound up for both)

Is there a possibility that if the dropbox server where streamtips gets the sound data is slow to respond, etc. the sound might not play? (though that seems unlikely given that the image data was grabbed from dropbox)

If you’re still having issues with CLR Browser, try downgrading OBS as indicated here: Follower Alert doesn’t work. Tried everything I could find

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I’ll give the downgrade a try - thank you for the link. An OBS upgrade issue would make a lot of sense because the notifications worked fine a month or two ago.

The downgrade worked for bringing back sounds, thank you for suggesting it. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem with sounds in the new Open Broadcasting Software, but at least it still works with older versions.

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