Sound alert issues with ogg

With the new update I haven’t been able to get my old wav files to work. I’ve converteed them to OGG using, audacity, and I had another person do it for me and send me the files as well. None of them trigger a sound when hooked up. I tried to set it off using the add tip option on my tip page.

If the tip shows in the program but there is no sound, make sure you don’t have the program muted in your volume mixer.

I had the same problem too.
Open up the playback panel from the sound option to see if the sound register on other device. I also disabled sound reducing option when windows detect comunication.
after many restart, the problem did not happened again.
Hope this help.
Barnabe Wild

You need to properly set the playback devices on your computer. If you use a headset, don’t use the windows playback headset function as it normally causes issues like this.

If it moves in the sound mixer it is working fine. It’s clearly a configuration issue on your end, however it’s not something we have a solution to (if we can’t reproduce it, it’s next to impossible to fix the issue for you). You can always reinstall windows from scratch if you cannot find a solution.

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