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Hey All!

I’m new to Nightbot and loving it so far! Thank you devs! I’ve got a bunch of different questions and instead of making one huuuuuuge post I thought it would be easier to separate it into three different posts to address each question, so please know I’m not trying to spam.

This question relates to playlists, in particular, if there is a way to re-arrange the songs once they are cued up in the AutoDJ section?

The topic brings up an interesting quirk [or perhaps a user error on my end] I’ve noticed in Nightbot…

When I import my playlist into the Playlist section of Nightbot it puts it in a different order than what the playlist is in on my Youtube Channel. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were a way to sort the songs once they’re uploaded, but I can’t find a way to do it. It appears all you can do is put the songs in descending or ascending alphabetical order by Artist name or Title, which is awesome, but not quite the granularity you want when you want songs in a specific order.

Furthermore, interestingly, when you hop over to the AutoDJ tab to start playing the songs, the tracks are re-arranged again, a second time, as seen below.

Moreover, if you hop back over to the Playlist tab and then navigate back to the AutoDJ tab, they are re-sorted yet again. They re-sort every time you toggle between the two screens.

So, long story long, I guess my ultimate question is…is there a way to sort the songs once you’re on the AutoDJ screen so that they play in the order you want them to play?

Thank you so much!

The playlist is built to be played in a shuffled mode when the AutoDJ is out of requests. While you can restrict AutoDJ to only allow songs from the playlist the playlist will still be shuffled. If you wish to play a normal playlist in order we’d recommend using a different system that doesn’t allow for requests, such as Spotify or Youtube itself.

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