!songs steal or !songs save not working in Discord

add a song to requestlist is working woth discord but i cant steal or save a track:

-> There was an error looking up your channel. Error: channel not found

Anyone have a hint?


Whenever someone runs !songs save, Nightbot looks up their Twitch channel using their user ID (not username) in order to find out whose playlist to add the song to.

If you try running !songs save on Discord, Nightbot will still try to search up your Twitch channel using your user ID, but your user ID on Discord will very likely not be the same as your user ID on Twitch, so Nightbot’s search will fail and return the “channel not found” error.

Therefore the only way to use !songs save is to use the command in the Twitch channel where the song is playing.

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Many Thanks :slight_smile:

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